Men with big feet are more likely to cheat on their partner than those with small ones, a study has claimed.

Those who wear a size ten or over are twice as likely to be unfaithful than people who are a size seven or under, the poll shows.

Dating website Illicit Encounters, who set up married people with affair partners, quizzed 2,000 men on the subject.

And, it showed that men with feet between sizes 10 and 13 were the most likely to sleep with someone outside of their marriage or relationship.

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The poll found that size 11 blokes were most likely to cheat with 29% of those asked admitting to it while size 10 came second at 25%.

Next up was size 12 men with 22% saying they’d been unfaithful compared to 21% of men with size 13 feet.

Spokeswoman Jessica Leoni, Illicit Encounters, said: “Men with bigger feet tend to be tall, so are perhaps likely to get more attention.”

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She added, “Whilst some may argue that there is more to an affair than a man’s shoe size, the data doesn’t lie.

And, some blokes spoke up to back up the claims.

Jeremy Collins, 34, a stay-at-home dad of Harrow with size eight feet, claimed to never have cheated.

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He said: “It’s about respect, not about how big my feet are.

While the Sun reports that Gareth Connelly, 39, Amersham, and a size 12 shoe said, “I’ve cheated on previous partners, but I always just thought it was my roving eye, but maybe now I know what’s to blame – my big feet!”

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