Moroccan wife of Ned Nwoko allegedly trolls Regina Daniels on social media


Regina Daniels has been allegedly trolled by Ned Nwoko’s Moroccan wife, Mrs Lina Ned Nwoko on social media.

An Instagram account that has been trolling Regina Daniels is said to be owned by one of Ned Nwoko’s wives who has been using the comment section to attack the actress and accuse her of using ‘Voodoo’ or ‘Juju’.

The Nollywood actress had shared a picture, showing off her personalised number plate on Thursday and an account allegedly belonging to Lina can at her saying;

Your Voodoo will fail you soon and my husband will collect all he has given to you and you shall be disgraced.

Another picture the Nollywood actress shared with the Ferrari she has been driving round town, with the caption ‘Legit’, the Instagram account said;

“What is Legit? Voodoo not legit, you can’t even cook yet you complain my cooks are
serving you white man’s meal.. Soon you will be replaced, this charm will fade off. Keep using voodoo on my husband, there comes an end Date where u shall be disgraced soon”.

Another account said to belong to Lina’s Step son, Emzy, also wrote

“Step mum it’s OK we can talk about this when I Get back home”.

Here is a screenshot of the exchange below;



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