Mother of 8 children has cried out after her husband abandoned her and her children after many years of marriage.

The woman who expressed regret over her decisions in the past noted that she had to drop out of school at her 200L in the university just to be with this man.

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According to her, their standard of living deteriorated in the course of the marriage which made things quite difficult.

The man who thought the best option was to flee from home, packed his bags and claimed he was going to his village and that was the last time she saw him.

Using her experience as the basis for advice, she wrote:

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For those of you wey dey carry marriage for head. Take it easy on yourself. Love yourself first. I got married at 21 years. I am 35 years old. Married with 8 children. I was in 200 level when I met my husband. My mum kicked against the marriage but I was blinded by love. My husband asked me to stop school…”

Read the story below:

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Mother Abandoned Husband Children

Mother Abandoned Husband Children

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