Mother disowns daughter for commenting ‘I love you mummy’ on Afia Schwarzenegger’s post — Video

‘Mark kindly block Fufu Funu from this app’-Social media user begs Facebook CEO to block Afia Schwarzenegger from Facebook(Screenshot)

Vexed Ghanaian broadcaster, Gh Mouthpiece has alleged that an Australia-based Ghanaian mother has disowned her daughter for commenting ‘I love you mummy’ on Afia Schwarzenegger’s post on social media.

According to the loudmouth media personality, the said mother in Australia brought her daughter to Ghana to acquire good morals and education since it is believed that Ghana has the best educational structure and gives children God-fearing morals than any other country in the world.

GH Mouthpiece said she has been on the phone for about 24 hours all in the name of apologizing on behalf of the disowned daughter.

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She said the mother who rejected her daughter dislikes Afia Schwarzenegger so much because she has been ungrateful to her and on top of it all, the daughter has no right to share her ‘mother’ title with any other woman, talk more of Afia Schwarzenegger.

Gh Mouthpiece continued that even though the girl showed her evidence that she has blocked and unfollowed Afia Schwarzenegger, her pissed mother refused to listen to her because of what has transpired between her and Afia Schwarzenegger sometimes back.

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Additionally, Gh Mouthpiece said she had to reach out to Ayisha Modi to speak on behalf of the girl before the mother got convinced and accepted her daughter back.

She then descended on Afia Schwarzenegger’s to change her life because the legacy she’s living is affecting others indirectly.

“Someone has disowned her daughter in Ghana because she commented I love you mummy on Afia Schwarzenegger’s post.

I have been on the phone since morning begging this lady to forgive her daughter but she’s is refusing to accept the apology.

The girl has shown me evidence that she blocked and unfollowed Afia but the mother is finding it hard to believe because of what Afia Schwarzenegger has done to her before.

I had to call sister Ayisha ( Ayisha Modi) to also speak on the girl’s behalf.” She said.

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