How sport bet ruined and destroyed me for 7 years-Man sadly recounts

A man has narrated how his best friend impregnated his wife after accommodating them when they had issues.

Read the embattled man’s full post below:

“I met my wife six years ago when I was working as a Site Assistant with one of the construction companies, working on Government Housing Estates.

It was a contract job and largely exploitative. I earned peanuts. Yet I was already dating my wife then, and in between, she got pregnant and we had to get married even though both of us were not financially ready.

My wife is an hairstylist but she lost her shop last year when government demolished all illegal stalls in our area. And so, we both became reliant on my meagre income. Things got worse. We lost our accommodation due to accumulated unpaid rents.

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My wife had to go live with friends; and from there, to her family house. I, too, was squatting with friends.

That was when my friend, Amos got a two-bedroom apartment and asked me to move into one of the rooms with my family. Amos’ wife and children are in one of the states in the middle-belt part of the country where his wife works in the office of the wife of the Deputy Governor of the State.

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I was so appreciative.

So, my wife and children moved into the one room with me. My wife was very grateful. Anytime she cooked, she would serve Amos to appreciate him for helping us.

She stayed at home most of the times, except when she had clients’ invitations to work. Things were hard and this was causing friction between us. My wife would be complaining that the money I drop at home before leaving for work was not enough to feed the kids.

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We started having issues She started denying me s3-x. This continued for almost five months. All of a sudden, my wife changed. To my surprise, she began to touch me, wanting me to make love to her. I wondered why the change in attitude. She said she was tired of fighting me.

“Ha! Maybe God has touched her heart” I reasoned. I wished it was God that truly touched her heart. I never knew it was the devil! We made love twice in the week.”

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