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My deepest regret is not going to university – Qwaachi

While most people’s biggest regrets tend to involve past relationships, Qwaachi formerly known as DKB has revealed that his biggest regret is not fathering his education to the tertiary institution.

Appearing on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM Tuesday,Qwaachi told host, Jay Foley that, he wished he hadn’t trashed the idea of going to the university.

Qwaachi is currently on a media tour promoting his single ‘Deepest Regret’ which is dominating the airwaves..

Asked what motivated him to record such a song, he said, “There have been a day in a lifetime when one something that you have done may have caused some pain to you and the moment that pubs comes then it becomes your deepest regret”

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Classic as he’s affectionately called added,”I’m saying that not because of the video I shot. Is not my personal story. As a musician, we should always let your fan base those listening to your song are supposed to relating. They find themselves in the song. If they don’t find themselves in the song believe you me, it will go eeeee and come yeaaa. That is one thing I always talk about the more you listen to the song ”

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“Deepest regret we all have our deepest regret one way or the other you’ve done something up until now you ever doing it” he said

Qwaachi, however, mentioned his deepest life is “not going to the university. The fact that I had the opportunity but I didn’t go”

Asked if he would like to enrol in a tertiary institution to correct the wrongs, if he’s given the opportunity.

In his reply, he said “I don’t mind, today the problem is now I can’t combine music and school so i respect those going to school and still doing music. Me I can’t”

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The Kasoa-based singer on why he can’t go back to school said, “moving from where I live to town is even a wahala”

Jay Foley further asked which school he would like to attend and QwaachI simply said a university in “Accra”.



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