A young man who is worried because his new girlfriend clitoris is longer like a P3nis and he has seen anything like that before.

According to him, the lady told him that there is something about her that scares uninformed men away. She said her vagina looks different.

He said, the lady paid him a visit and they decided to have some fun but the moment he undressed her he saw something like penis below, her clitoris is longer than a normal clitoris and his erection was lost.


Read his post below,

I met this girl few weeks ago through a friend, we became friends, I wanted it sexually but she kept telling me that she has something about her that scares uninformed men away

she said her vagina looks different, I told her that I’ve seen such before, we laughed over it, she visited me today, as things were going on via pre-intimacy, I undressed her and saw a penis kinda thing below, the clitoris is longer than a normal clit I’ve been seeing, out of fear my erection was lost, she felt bad but I cant help it

I’ve not seen such thing before, anyone with such experience?

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