A worried man has taken to Facebook group to ask if it is wrong to be nice and take good care of your girlfriend because his girlfriend has no respect for him.

Narrating his ordeal, he said his girlfriend thinks he is useless because he has taken it upon himself to make her feel good and make sure she lacks nothing because she is from a poor family.

According to the man, his girlfriend always comparess herself to the ladies on instagram and thinks everything on social media is real.


Below is his post,


Dear Auntie Abena,

Good morning and God bless you for your good works. Please I have this problem and I want the house to help me out. Is it soo wrong for a man to love and care soo much for his lady? I have been in a relationship with this lady for 2years.

It’s like her family is not all that financially good so I have taken it up myself to try and make her feel good. Because of that I try my best to always get her her needs. I think because I have showed her soo much love and care she thinks I am useless and can do whatever she likes to me.

Am I wrong to have a good heart for her? The little I try and get for her means nothing to her. She will give attitude and act like we are fighting. Meanwhile she’s aware that I am having issues at work place with my manager so things are not clicking for me. She listens to her friends and now because of Instagram pictures and posts she thinks other ladies are faring better than her

I once told her that instagram and snapchat is mostly covered by fake people living fake lives so she shouldn’t be moved by then and she told me that’s not what she’s thinking about. Yet she makes certain comments which makes me feel and look like all my efforts are useless. Meanwhile I make sure she’s always ok.

It’s really eating me up. The little I try to gather for her she won’t even think of how things are going but will quickly use all the money and when I ask she will tell me she has used it. What should I do? I’m really confused ..


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