My husband is maltreating my son because his ‘D**k’ is bigger than his-Distraught woman seeks help

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A woman via relationship expert Auntie Momoza is seeking help concerning how her husband is maltreating their firstborn simply because his d**k is bigger than his(husband).

According to the woman, she has two sons with her husband and are aged 15 and 8 years.

She divulged that their marriage was perfect until their first son reached puberty and his d**k grew huge to the point that it became bigger than his father’s d**k.

The woman said the husband is now claiming he is not the biological father of their child and has refused to do a paternity test.

The woman’s first son now stays with her mother because her husband is maltreating him.

The second son is now approaching puberty and the woman thinks his d**k will also grow to be bigger than her father’s which obviously will create more tension in the marriage.

The woman is now seeking help on how to deal with the situation.

See the woman’s post below:

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