A married woman who has two kids already is seeking advice as her husband is giving her pressure to give birth to two more children for him.

According to the woman, her husband had told her that, if she doesn’t do it, he will go out and impregnate another woman.

She said, she really needs advice because she can’t give birth now in this current economy whiles they still live in a single room with a porch with their two children.

Read the woman’s full post below:

“Yummy Shaida kindly approve this for me. Anonymous

My husband keeps giving me unnecessary pressure to produce two more children. I have done everything I could to convince him to hold on. He had the guts to tell me he could add more from elsewhere.

Here’s one of the messages I sent him even after physical encounter. I need advice from matured yummies here.


I’ve been thinking about your constant demand for the removal of the implant which will automatically make way for another child.

Usually our one-on-one or WhatsApp communication does not turn out well but I have to make things clear about the family planning issue.

I do not have permanent source of income flowing into my account every month, I do not have social security being paid for my future.

I’m yet to see a proper worth of my education after seven years of graduating just as many other struggling graduates out there; thankfully, I have two children I can smile about even though the journey has been rocky for me.

I’m a proud mother 💪

I’m not the only woman in this situation but I need a secure future and I wouldn’t want to follow the bandwagon of giving birth to children to outweigh a current financial strength before planning a better future.

I’m not in the position right now to cater for another pregnancy and its related time consuming and financial burdens.

Currently, I know how I’m surviving this journey as there’s absolutely no one I can open up to. So I swallow my words and cry it out when I’m alone or sometimes in the presence of the children.

I wanted just two children; and I’ve said it before, that’s what my strength can handle looking at my financial stance now.

You’re insisting on four and giving me pressure; fair enough, I agree to it but definitely not my wish.

Your sister and your mother too told me several times to ensure I give birth to all the planned number of children early enough to enjoy later.

It’s a good suggestion but not a good thing to consider NOW.

Not at the moment because I cannot also bare one or two more children in this space (single room with porch). It’s just too small as we already struggle to maneuver around.

I know you may have issues with this point I raised again per my previous encounter with you on it but it’s a necessity.

My source of income now is just hand to mouth which is not even enough so I cannot afford to add one or two more burden on me now. Remember the 50/50 expenditure at home.

You’re doing your part but please, listen to me and let me get a comfortable cash inflow.

I’m not the type of woman who will keep stretching hands to get something from a man. NO. You’ll definitely not be happy if you had married such a woman.

To even ask you to lend me money is usually a big fight within me before I let it out.

Yes, everybody borrows money but it must be reasonably done knowing it can be returned without struggling.

I’m concerned more about my future and that of my children. The unforseen can happen.

Moreover, the workload at home is too much for me even with two children; it will be too stressful to add more to it.

I’m already depressed somehow. I don’t have help with house chores and you know it.

Having a good source of income is highly likely to reduce the workload and stress.

I have plans I need to fulfill and I can’t risk to truncate them with the arrival of a new baby.

It’s better to plan a secure future for our children than to rush in for more and get crashed.

Kindly take this submission with good faith. I can’t just afford another child between 2021 and 2022.

I will give you two more children if God permits, but not NOW.

Thank you very much 🙏”

Any advice for the woman?? Drop your comment below.

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