Many of you know me as a chronic hater of my own mother, i guess i have gained that recognision even though its not something i am proud of. But i will keep this recognision to enlighten you all on what some children pass through in the hands of single mothers.

Today i’m talking about my mother’s bitchy relationship status.

My mother is a widow and i’m not against her trying to start over but i guess there’s a difference between doing that and being a complete LovePeddler. My mother has several boyfriends, AUSTIN, FEMI, DAVID…and the ones i’m yet to know about..
Mr femi is the one she brings to our home and have sex with in the living room. my sisters on many occations has seen them in the act when they are at it without the lights on. My mother would go naked or wear very skimky things when oga femi is around and she has absolutely no shame!
Assuming she was a single mother all through then the case would have been different but we are talking about a WIDOW here!



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