A confused man has taken to a popular Nigerian forum Nairaland to seek help concerning a s-x offer his neighbour’s requested from him.

The man revealed that the husband of the lady in question travelled to Italy 4 years ago and left her with their 6 years daughter.

According to him, he has been close to the wife of his neighbour for some time now and one night she opened up to him requesting that she needs his touch and their intimate relationship must be kept a secret.

The man admitted that he loved the offer considering how beautiful the lady is but he is scared of betraying his neighbour by banging his wife.

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Read the man’s full post below and advice him if possible:

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“Last month made it 4 years since my neighbor travelled to Italy via the Mediterranean Sea. Thank God for him, he arrived safely irrespective of the hurdles on the way. 

He left behind a beautiful young woman not up to 29 years of age and with a little daughter of 6 years old. 

Prior to this time I wasn’t close to the wife but as time goes by this woman started greeting me frequently, exchanging cd plates with me even joining me to watch movies sometimes. I started noticing she’s hot with her s-xy hairy body. One night she opened up to me that she needs the touch of a man if we could be doing it secretly because her husband still promise to come for her hence what she needs is someone to be touching her once in a while and it must be a secret. 

I truely like the offer but I’m scared of betraying my neighbor by banging his wife. I’m still thinking about it.”

Would you have accepted the lady’s offer if you were in the man’s position?

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