A man has taken to a popular relationship forum in South Africa to narrate what he saw her wife doing with her son after he barged in on them in the bathroom.

According to the man, the wife takes long in the bathroom with their son so he one day barged in on her and got the shock of his life.

“My name is John Paul and I live with my wife in Johannesburg. GOD blessed our Marriage with two lovely kids who are growing in good health, obedient and are both intelligent. I have thought both of them to live uprightly and never to soil their hands with evil for any reason. And I believe that they are following my footsteps. But something began to happen lately between my wife and my son each time she decides to bath her in the Bathroom.

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At first when my son was diagnosed with Malaria that almost took his life. I recall we were running from one hospital to the other. Taking series of test to ascertain the real cause of his sickness, as we were always given the same test results of Malaria and typhoid. But one sad thing I recalled was that after all the treatments, the sickness persisted as there was no Positive Change at all.

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But as GOD may have it, he started responding to the treatments that was given to him. But after he was discharged from the Hospital, he never allowed anyone else to bath him of no me. I tried several times to persuade him to allow his mother to bath him but he refused. He will rather wait for me to come back home each day be it late in the night, before he will be able take is Bath.

But luckily one day he allowed my wife being his mother to bath him. It was like a Christmas celebration in my house. Suddenly he allowed only my wife to bath him. At first they don’t take long in the bathroom, but recently they started taking long in the Bathroom And this always got me concern as to why they will stay in the bathroom after the shower must have stopped flowing, producing the sound of shiiiiii.

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Then one day I decided that I must barge in on them. As soon as the shower stop flowing as I was eavesdropping, I quietly came close to the Bathroom door and heard my son crying. Then out of anger I opened the bathroom door and caught my wife robbing our son some herbs.

I was Angry that I took it from her. When I asked her why she was robbing that on our son, she said that her mother gave it to her to always rob it on our son’s Body each time he baths. That it will help in ensuring that the previous sickness that almost cost his life will not come again.

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I later threw the Herbs in the waste bin. Please was I too quick to react over my action?”