I am married for seven years with two children and a wife. We used to live in peace and harmony. Each day my wife promised to become the best mother and wife as she had done at the alter in our church.

I loved her passionately because she was the woman of my youth. She saw me struggling with life and left other suitors to spend her life with me. When we married I was only working in a certain supermarket and she was a tailor but despite all we cherished each other. I trusted her so much and the times I never had money she used to lend hers to me and which I returned with a prize.

Years passed with her being my wife and I couldn’t believe any lie from another person because of her. She acted kind and matured towards me but her manners started to change to another different person. She developed manners of coming home late and sometimes drunk and when I tried asking as a concerned husband she argued and said she was not a child anymore and cannot live with my rules. Again she made hers.

It became norm of the day. Each time she came home I never argued with her anymore. All I wanted was for her to have a good life and I never listened to any rumours about her. One day I pretended to be going home but followed her to her work place. I stayed in a distance place so that I may see what would happen. After what seemed like forever, a black jeep drove to her work place and then she came out to receive ‘her customer’. I saw all that happened but I returned home. When she came back she was totally drunk I knew it’s the man I saw that made her drunk. I never argued. I just kept it my little secret.

She continued with her behaviors and I tried to talk to her but all went into deaf ears. One day I got sacked because of a small argument with my boss and I had no choice but return home. It was the worst day as my wife already knew it before I told her. She told me I had no choice but become her slave. She mistreated me and I had nowhere to go as I was an orphan my parents had died some years back.

I agreed to serve her as a slave. I did all kinds of house chores only for me to get food. All my friends left me because I was useless to them saying I had no money and if I walk with them I

will become a burden. My wife often offended me with no apologies. It reached a point where she would come with the same man home and commanded me to cook for them and later at night I will be forced to sleep on the floor. They never minded if I got sick or anything she cared for herself.

It reached a point I couldn’t bare the humiliation inside my house. I decided it’s over and went out to look for job. The only job I got was slashing long grasses from rich people’s compound. I used to do the work and later in the evening go somewhere and play lottery at least to try my luck. At home I assumed nothing was happening. I focused on my work and children. I played the lottery but all was wrong; it consumed all my money but I had to quit for a while to focus on my children fees. It became impossible for me to pay school fees. My children were sent out of school and I became very depressed. One evening I was passing through the streets going to my place of playing lottery. I saw a newspaper and I found Kiwanga Doctors number and took it. That day while going home I called them and told them my problem. I wanted to have a job and money. I was told not to worry.

The following day I went to play lottery and miracle happened. I won a huge sum of money and in the evening I was called to go and work in an oil company. My wife was left by that man and my children continued with their education. Thanks so much Kiwanga Doctors for your help. You solved my issues. They also deal in healing and treating diseases like epilepsy, broken bones, lost memory, chest pains, heartache, headache, high fever, piles, leprosy, teeth ache, neck pains, back pains, poisons, high blood pressure, sugar diabetes, diarrhea, cancer, lung infections, strong cough among other diseases They also cast real and genuine spells in the world like Money spell, black magic spell, white magic spell and many others.


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