My wife’s farts are deadly like machine gun – Man laments bitterly


A married man has taken to social media to cry out bitterly and seek advice concerning his wife’s disrespectful attitude.

According to the man, his wife farts anyhow, anywhere, anytime without shame in the house when she knows very well that he hates it.

He said, she suddenly changed when they got married.

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Read the man’s full post below:

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Do you think he is overreacting? Share your comment below.

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  1. The husband should wake his wife up at dawn and tell her to restrict her farting since he is extremely worried and uncomfortable.Talking to her at that period shows the seriousness her husband attaches to the issue, if it persists, they both must see a trained counselor.
    His wife obviously believes in the school of thought that a wife should not be shy to fart when her husband is close by.She also believes that, since married partners have intimate moments, there should be no limitation to farting.
    The couple also need to see a professional counselor, a person she will be shy of and be ready to take his or her advice seriously in such matters.


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