Mz Forson finds solace in the arms of D-Black after been abandoned by Bullet


There have been a lot of questions on what happened to Ms Forson, the second person to be signed unto Rufftown Records after Ebony Reigns.

There were a lot of hopes for her to blow like Ebony after been introduced at the 2018 VGMA by the CEO of Rufftown record Bullet, but Ms. Forson appeared to be missing in action even after Ebony died.

At the 2018 VGMA awards, Bullet announced to the general public that, he was now working with some new artists and he introduced the likes of Ms. Forson, Wendy Shay, Brella and Danny Beatz.

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After making such an announcement, much was never heard from all those artists except Wendy Shay as management’s resources were spent on Wendy Shay with the other artists like Ms Forson and Brella not getting any attention from Bullet and his team.

Last year there were rumors that Ms. Forson had left Bullet’s camp because she was not been given the same attention Wendy Shay was getting and that she had settled at Black’s record label, Black Avenue Music.

Well, now that news has been confirmed as Ms. Forson has dropped her cover version of Tulenkey’s ‘Proud Fck Boys’ titled ‘Wodi Mi Ruff’ and the short music video for her cover was posted on Black Avenue Music’s channel.

Watch the video below…

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So, now we know for sure that D-Black is managing her now and that she’s truly left Rufftown.

Anyways watch her video below and share your thoughts on what you think about her performance.


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