Ghanaian music diva MzVee, born Vera Hamenoo-Kpeda has recounted her life story from her humble beginnings to her status as a star now.

According to her, she was born to humble parents who struggled to make ends meet in Accra.

She revealed that her mother used to sell food and her dad worked at Abossey Okai as a spare parts dealer.

MzVee added that during some days, she would eat at the expense of her parents going hungry and that they had to share a single for six years as a family of six.


According to MzVee, things started looking good for her father and gradually their story started changing.

Later she was able to fulfil her childhood ambition of becoming a singer and managed to become a household name and a goto singer in Ghana.

Unfortunately, her career took a dip when she had to isolate and take time for her self due to depression, which led to her almost quitting music.

Her fans have been supportive, however, and drawing from her difficult childhood and the inspiring story if her parents, she has been able to bounce back.