National Security has evolved into criminal gangs-Hassan Ayariga says

Founder of the All Peoples Congress (APC), Hassan Ayariga has alleged that, National security has evolved into criminal gangs who commit all sorts of crimes without being brought to book.

According to him, personnel from the state security are putting the name of the country into disrepute by terrorizing citizens with weapons meant to protect civilians.

The politician alleged that some of the National security personnel abuse the power vested in them to claim lands they have no ownership of.

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At a media briefing in Accra on June 29, 2021, Mr Ayariga stated that the country is now in a state of panic following the numerous robbery attacks which go on without the police making an arrest.

Hassan Ayariga said, “Police officials are killed like never before and in all these, no government appointee takes responsibility for the fear and panic Ghanaians are in now.”

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“Worst still, even so-called operatives of the National Security have turned themselves into criminal gangs and are criminally attacking citizens in an effort to loot and plunder whatever they can lay their hands on be it gold, land and money,” he stated.

Ayariga added, “Some of our men in uniforms are grabbing people’s land forcefully using states power to carry such disgraceful act and no one says anything.”

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The leader of APC further noted, “The integrity of our uniformed men has now been at its lowest since before the evolution 1979.”


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