In the studios of Hot 93.9 FM, an Accra-based radio station sighted two members of the largest political parties in Ghana—the New Patriotic Party(NPP) and  National Democratic Congress(NDC)—who were involved in a ‘clash’ over a Gh₵ 50 note during their time as panelists on the station’s political talk show ‘Dwene ho biom’.

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While the host, Chairman KK Asamoah was introducing them as the panellists on the show (Dwene Ho Biom), Haruna Amaliba (NDC Greater Accra Regional Communication Team Member) and Gyasi Appiah (NPP Greater Accra Media Coordinator) were seen scuffling over the fallen GHC50 cedi note that belonged to the latter.

Mr. Haruna Amaliba, who wore a blue-black tuxedo over a blue long-sleeved shirt, complemented by a red flying tie and a black pair of shoes, as swift as he was, noticed the note as it fell on the floor of the studio and grabbed it. Mr Gyasi ‘Carl’ Appiah who would not let go embarked on the extraction of the ‘50 Ghana’ which had been snatched off the floor by Mr. Amaliba.

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After an intense battle of strength, swiftness and sagacity, Mr. Gyasi successfully extracted the money from its abductor, and they both resumed their seats.

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Intriguingly, the studio saw both of them pat each other and laughed, as though nothing had happened prior to that. This cannot describe how this same duo engaged in a heated political debate on the show.

This should effectively show Ghanaians enough the futility of meddling with political games for the sake of the power-hungry politicians during and after the December 7 general elections.

Mr Haruna Amaliba and Mr.Gyasi’s preposterous gesture depicts that it is just fair to have a political view, but maintaining peace for the sake of yourself and family is always imperative.

Political games are forever, but our peace and lives are not.

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Watch their friendly clash below.