No camera tricks; we truly kiss in movies – Yvonne Nelson


Ghanaian actress, model and film producer , Yvonne Nelson has disclosed that kissing in movies is real .

According to the popular actress, there are no camera tricks when it comes to kissing in  movies.

Many Ghanaian actors/actresses have denied on several platforms that kissing in movies were not real and that camera tricks are used.

However , in an interview with Sammy Forson on Joy FM’s ” personality Profile” show on thursday , Yvonne Nelson said kissing in movies is true.

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According to Yvonne Nelson, from the onset, there were kissing roles she tolerated without camera tricks or edits.

She told Sammy Forson that “Back in the day, of course, we all kiss. We did that a couple of times. No tricks. We do kiss in movies…” she said.

She added that she will not accept kissing roles since she is now a mother of one .

She, however, maintained that if pushed, there would have to be a thorough medical check-up before any agreement can be met.

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“Now kisses have affected the script I say yes to. Now we have to go to the hospital and test all round. I think we take things for granted. Now I have a baby and I am all she has. So I can’t go on set and start being reckless. I am a very paranoid person. It will be difficult to kiss. It will be hard…” she said.




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