Minister for Works and House, Samuel Atta Kyea has announced that property owners should demand clearance certificate all foreigners indicating that they’re Covid-19 negative before renting  out their property to them.

According to him, foreigners should secure a Covid-19 clearance certificate before seeking for any residential or commercial property.

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“Landlords must also be worried of potential tenants from foreign countries..It is very mandatory to insist that without a Covid-19 negative clearance the landlord should not rent out the premises,” he said on at a news conference in Accra on Tuesday.

However, Samuel Atta Kyea did not reveal the institution that will be issuing the clearance certificate.

Ghana recorded first two cases of Covid-19 on March 12,2020. After the cases which imported into the country, Ghana has now recorded a total number of 1,671 as April 28, according to the Ghana Health Service.

Ghana started imported cases, the number of local infections has reached 87 per cent.

Atta Kyea asked property owners not to be influenced by money but adhered to the new requirement to avoid any sanctions.

“We all know that this pandemic has been imported so be careful that in the name of dollars you’re gonna bring in a foreigner who hasn’t got clearance that he is not infected with the disease,” he said.
Meanwhile, he has advised landlords not to abuse the electricity and water relief given to all Ghanaians across.

“The President is showing utmost care and generosity in these trying moments in the nation’s history. Landlords are also entreated to extend similar treatment to tenants as they will not be spared if they exploit the situation and fall foul of the law” he warned.

Also, he has advised landlords to desist from ‘tormenting’ tenants in this covid-19 era where people are being asked to stay home.

“We’re being admonished to stay at home as much as possible, and even with the lifting of the lockdown, you have to stay at home, but if where you are staying is having challenges because of the bad behaviour of a landlord or landlady, for that matter, it will be extremely unGhanaian”.

“How is it going to work in this COVID environment if landlords with commercial appetite start evicting tenants from their premises? That will be very unGhanaian”, Mr Atta Akyea stated.

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