No movie Director or Producer has ever asked me for se.x in exchange for movie roles – Actress Belinda Dzata reveals


Ghanaian actress, Belinda Dzattah has revealed that no movie producer or director has ever asked her for s3x in exchange for movie roles, unlike other actresses.

Speaking in an interview with NEWS-ONE’s Francis Addo, she spoke about her acting career and her relationship with other filmmakers.

The actress revealed that she has never had a crush on any of her male colleagues noting that she has always kept relationships on set strictly professional.

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“I always thought I’d be a lawyer, but I also wanted to be an actress. Good to know one of them worked out,” she stated.

Speaking on how she started her career, Belinda revealed that;

“I got my first acting gig in 2012 from Venus Films Production. I was super excited. I learned to be confident, focused, dedicated and creative.”

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