A Nigerian nurse was allegedly brutalized and abandoned by some Nigerian police officers of the Ondo State police force when she was on her way to attend to an emergency case at the hospital.

The news was announced y a Facebook user named Fasasi Adelewa who wrote;

Nigerian Police With Their Nonchalant Attitude Sometimes!

While the health workers are at the forefront combating Covid-19, Nigerian police at Irele, Ondo State plot to kill A nurse/midwife who was called to rescue an emergency labor case of twin gestation having fetal distress already.

On her way to assist at work she met three checkpoints of which she explained to them that she is a health worker (nurse/midwife) and there is an emergency to attend to at work showing them her ID card, she was released at the 1st checkpoint, also the 2nd checkpoint released her.

The officers at the third checkpoint threw a log of wood at the bike man, the bike man was hit and lost control of the bike making both the bike man to fall on motion and the nurse at the back sustaining degrees of injury. And they left her at the scene unattended to.”

See the post below:

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IMG 20200428 125645 429

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