When they said love is beautiful, I doubted until I chanced upon a video of an old white couple pulling all strings to prove me wrong that indeed, love is arguably the most beautiful thing nature ever created for man.

The said video sees the couple dancing together in a kitchen as though they just met and found love in themselves.


In the video, the man who looked like was helping his wife in the kitchen mounted a camera in a corner with a cool song in the background.

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Quickly after, he went to the wife and drew her to the center of the kitchen where they exhibited their beautiful dancing skills with love glowing in their eyes.


It looks as if it was a planned thing but from all indications, the love between them made everything possible considering how the wife left everything she was doing to join the husband to toast to a good love and life.


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Looking at the age of the couple, love should have been the least of their problem but guess what, it looks like they still love themselves like they just met.


Attentions and concerns have been drawn by the video as many viewers share their fair thought positively and negatively.


When many are saying the couple defines the true meaning of love and are showering them with praises, others, on the other hand, have said that the video was just taken for social media views and publicity stunts because it is hard to find an old couple who are within their late 50’s to show love to each other as they did in the video.

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Well, it has been more like a debate on social media.


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