A Ghanaian social media user has taken to the internet to recount one of the disgraceful moments she has had in life which triggered her to lose interest in her crush.

According to the lady known as @Esianyo Anuklu Addy, she was seriously crushing on one fine guy in her area and was dreaming to have him at all cost.

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She said the guy had appeared to her as a poor person but she still loved and admire him secretly.

Esianyo said that after noticing that the guy was poor, she acted to be rich each day in the presence of the guy not knowing that the guy is rich.

Finally, the lady said after finding out how rich the guy is, she became ashamed of herself because she had acted rich in the guy’s presence but in reality, she’s extremely poor.

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Following the shame and embarrassment that came with the incident, she said she lost interest in the guy at once because she had indirectly told the guy that she’s not wife material.

Read her post below;


Screenshot 20210904 063700

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