A Nigerian lady who claimed to have been “s3x-starved” due to the coronavirus lockdown leading to the closure of the airport has appealed to the President of Nigeria to open it.

"Open Airport, I Want To Fvck My Husband" - Nigerian Woman Cries Out | Video

The continued rise in cases of coronavirus in Nigeria forced the federal government to enforce lockdown and the closure of the airport in the country, in other to control the spread of the life-claiming virus.

In light of this, a Nigerian woman has expressed her frustration, adding that the closure of the airport in the country is virtually killing her s3xually.

The video below sees a young married woman crying and begging the President of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari to open the airport so her husband could fly back to Nigeria.

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According to her, it’s been almost a year since she had s3x with her husband and don’t want to fvck behind her husband because she is scared of getting mad.

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The woman in tears revealed that all cucumber sellers are now refusing to sell cucumbers to her because they have found out what she does with it.

Judging from the video, the frustrated woman seems to be missing her husband badly, she keeps begging the Nigerian president to open the airport so she could fvck her husband.

Watch the video below;