Ghanaian singer and model Sister Derby has spat her venom on pastors who preach on the streets at dawn.

According to Sister Derby, pastors who preach with megaphones at dawn in the neighbourhoods are stupid.

The ‘Uncle Obama’ hitmaker made the aforesaid when she was reacting to Mutombo Da Poet’s tweet on a similar issue.

Mutombo Da Poet posted that he can not fathom why people will carry megaphones at dawn and claim they are preaching the gospel when people are sleeping at that time adding that it’s absurd.

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Mutombo tweeted:

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“I don’t know why someone will carry a megaphone at 4am, put it on blast and say they are sharing the word of god when people are sleeping. It really does NOT make sense to me. At all!”

Replying to Mutombo’s tweet, Sister Derby blasted such people stating that how can they claim to be preaching good while doing bad by disturbing people’s peace.

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Sister Derby tagged such pastors as stupid.

She wrote:

“How can one be preaching ‘good’ while doing bad; disturbing people’s peace. They are stupid.”

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