( Photos) Old Man Caught Defiling 14 Year Old Girl In An Uncompleted Building


We are indeed living in a crazy world and we wake up every day to see or hear crazy things.

A trending photo of an old man defiling a very small girl who could have been his granddaughter in an uncompleted building is really circulating online.

Where the incident took place is unclear now but this Useless old man was caught nak3d and red handed on top of the 14 year old girl.

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See Photo below;

what punishment is good for this old man,,,, please your opinion is needed.



  1. This little girl is above 12 years old, now she can stand for herself on the judgment day,so i dont see any reason she is young for d act ,because she’s enjoying it too, but since she’s not yet 18 ,i think d man should be jailed alone


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