I prefer to be a tree in UK than to be a human being in Ghana – Avraham Ben Moshe

Animals Are More Sensible Than Ghanaians-Avraham Moshe

Leader and founder of Common Sense Family, Avraham Ben Moshe has said in a Facebook live video that he prefers being a mere tree in the United Kingdom than to be a human being in Africa, Ghana to be precise.

According to the social media commentator, plants and animals in the western world have freedom and a better system than humans in Ghana.

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Avraham stated boldly that the system in Ghana cannot be used to govern animals in the US because it is barbaric.

The anti-christ made this shocking but funny submission while lambasting the Ghanaian leaders over their poor leadership skills and their inability to see the future.

He said that he will rather choose to be a plant in the UK and have freedom and a good system than to be a human and live in oppression in Ghana.

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Avraham Ben Moshe has been one of the few people who have stood and vowed to sacrifice for the betterment of country Ghana.

Though he is not part of the FixTheCountry conveners, he has vowed to lead the FixTheCountry demonstration which is coming up on August 4, 2021, just to seek justice for the ordinary Ghanaian.

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