Princess Shyngle flaunts flat tummy to spite ‘Pot belly’ female celebrities


Gambian actress Princess Shyngle has showcased her flat tummy to spite ‘indomie’ girls and female celebrities with ‘pot bellies’.

In a video sighted by, the curvy actress was relaxing at the beachside and showing off her flat tummy.

Princess Shyngle seems to be gushing over her own tummy as she wrote in her caption that she is relaxing on a Tuesday and admiring her tummy.

Some ladies can not boast of their tummy like the actress does because of the excessive intake of ‘Indomie’,Banku and Tilapia all in the name of living a good life.

Some celebrities as well cannot boast of such flat tummy that brings out the curves of a woman but all they know is slaying with ‘unrealistic’ dresses on red carpets.

Well, although Princess Shyngle didn’t specifically share her video to spite pot belly female celebrities, some social media users affiliated her video as a subtle jab to other female celebrities who can’t boast of such a ‘figure’.

Watch the video below:



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