A brutal incidence has occurred as a private security officer identified as Kundeyiri Vitus Sungsolee slashed his wife named Amanda Abawuro Bimbo insensitively with a machete multiple times leaving her in a pool of blood in Konda, Wa in the Upper West Region.

The news was a shock to the residents of Konda as the couples are said to have been married since 2007 and this incidence was a blast to them as to what might have caused this.

According to residents, the couples had a misunderstanding on Wednesday but were resolved by some elders. But as at 10 pm on Thursday, their misunderstanding got worse which led to an aggressive fight between them.

Amanda was later seen later lying in a pool of blood almost dead.

Amanda Abawuro Basinbo

Amanda has been admitted to the Upper West Regional Hospital but would later be taken to the Okomfo Anokye Teaching Hospital for further treatment whiles her husband is on the run.

Amanda’s family, however, have said that they will see to it that  Kundeyiri Vitus Sungsolee faces the wrath of the law for this inhumane act.


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