Unconfirmed report reaching browngh.com has it that repented Moesha Buduong has beaten and delivered Afia Schwarzenegger from demons when the lad visited her at her rented mansion.

According to the Instagram gossip page, ThoseCalledCelebs, Moesha Buduong has dedicated one room in her rented mansion where she’s named ‘Prophetic room’ for deliverance, prayers and probably consultations.

Rumors also have it that Moesha Buduong claimed that Afia Schwarzenegger has killed someone and that she should confess her hidden deads and be forgiven.

Moesha Buduong ended up beating Schwarzenegger and on top, delivered her from the clutches of demons. Slay queen delivering a fellow slay queen from demons? God is great!

Here’s the juicy gist…

According to source ….allegedly….Moesha has removed one room in her house as prophetic room….so if u visit her …she tell u to sit down for prayers n if u dare stand up dat u are tired…..she will start beating u 😉….so de last time Shwar went der….she told her to kneel down so dat she pray for her ….in de process…she said dat…Afiashwar has killed human so she shld go out n confess.. and she started beating Shwar oooo 😆😆🤦‍♀️ shwar stood up n run away ” dax how de sickness is doing to her tho”

In her mansion now, which is left with 2 months for eviction…… which she was paying 3000 dollars for a month n rented it for 1 year no…. her billionaire friends gathered n said dat….dey can’t sit down for disgrace to catch their friend…..so Saadwe went with 10,000ghc which she wasn’t even allowed by de bouncers in Moe’s house to enter on her second time or so….so with de 10,000ghc…she was waiting for B.B and Shwar to add their own so dat dey secretly rent a 2 bedroom at a very affordable place for her cux dax what dey can afford!! ……so dat Ghanaians wldnt know dat…Moesha has moved from dat rented Mansion….dey were doing all these secretly till Hanti Aisha came out to talk …..SO WHO TOLD AISHA?? Ghanaians were confused n the bonsam nana herself @thosecalledcelebs2 came out to explain it better…..


Nana Akua Addo was de one looking after her but she has moved out…some of her Aunties too has moved from de house cux her condition is getting worse 😢💔……and her billionaire friends too says dey can’t pay for de same mansion oooo …..all friends who decided to help in little way has given up cux of the actions of Aisha! Dey says she shld go n do de needful since she know better than dem… aside all jokes n hatred….dey can’t afford to pay dat expensive mansion but dey decided to get a moderate place which was good initiative ….I won’t come n lie here cux I hate saadwe sooo well….this is de truth…anything u hear again is over bragging…so now dat dey hv stopped…I think sister Aisha will rent for Moe oooo anaaa mose meyale anaaa??? 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️😉”.

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