Relationship do not work nowadays because we are dating people who are still in love with their exes – Man writes 

Online dating gone wrong! Man in shock after meeting lady he has been chatting online for the first time

An anonymous Ghanaian man has taken to social media to explain why most relationships these days ain’t working any longer.

According to him, we are dating people who are still in love with their exes and so we are suffering from insecurities we did not create.

He furthered that relationships ain’t working any longer these days because we are dating people who are trying to move on but because of reasons best known to them, they choose to stay in a relationship with those who are looking for true love.

The unknown man who seems to have been a victim of a broken heart said we are dealing with heartbreaks we did not break.

While concluding, he advised the youth not to rush into early relationships because someone might use them to heal their broken heart.

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