Self-pronounced nation prophet, Rev Isaac Owusu Bempah who’s known for his ‘accurate’ election predictions has given the possible date that NDC might come into power again.

As stated by the Man of God, NDC should not dream of winning the 2020 general election, adding that it is not because the NDC has committed sin against God for which they will stay in opposition for such a long period, but there are things which will keep them in opposition for many years unless they change towards it.

Revealing some of the things which will keep the NDC out of power, Rev Owusu Bempah said that aside from the fact that in the spiritual realm former President Mahama cannot become President anymore, ditching people like Allotey Jacobs, Koku Anyidoho, Anita De-Soso, Yaw Boateng Gyan and the founder of the party, JJ Rawlings and his wife is a serious mistake.

“The victory of the NDC will be very difficult for rejecting these people aside from the fact that in the spiritual realm, Mahama cannot become President again. These aforementioned personalities in the NDC that former President Mahama is not taking them seriously and has rather gone for the likes of Sammy Gyamfi, it will be difficult for the NDC to win power,” he said.

He added that the likes of Jerry John Rawlings and former President Kuffour are not to be rejected as their presence in their respective political parties adds more value and honour to the fibre and progress of the party; thus, supporting the party with their hearts and spirit keep the parties moving forward.

“I will urge the NDC to listen to good counsel and I don’t believe that the NPP will stay in power forever; maybe after 30 years or maybe after 15 years or some years, God will change for another person to come to power, but the NDC should put their house in order before they come back to power after many years”. he added.

“If they put their house in order and add fervent prayer, they can come to power again but the most important thing is for them to put things in order. They should forget this 2020 election. It is not as if they have insulted God but it is God who chooses Kings or leaders for nations”, he stressed.

The preacher said those who are praying for ex-President John Mahama should have informed him from the very beginning not to waste his time to contest for the upcoming 2020 general election; thus, he should have permitted another person to contest for the NDC as that would aid the plans of the NDC in the upcoming general election.

He, therefore, advised the NDC not to bring ex-President John Mahama again after the 2020 general election defeat but allow for other candidates like Professor Joshua Alabi, Hon Kingsford Alban Bagbin and others.

“The reason is that former President Mahama is done with his work as a President and so I will advise the NDC not to bring him again after the 2020 general election. They should look for another candidate to stand for the party; that will be better for the NDC. They have Professor Joshua Alabi, Alban Bagbin and other possible candidates who qualify for that position in the party,” he added.


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