Martin and Trina Daniel, who have been married for over twenty years, both died after contracting COVID-19 within hours of each other, leaving behind 2 teenage children facing a tragic loss.

The Daniels met at Savannah State University in the 1990s before Martin headed to Tuskegee University in Alabama for graduate school, according to their nephew, Cornelius Daniel.

The couple then settled in Savannah, Georgia, where they raised their 2 children– Miles, now eighteen, and Marina, fifteen. Martin worked as a chemist while Trina supported her immediate and extended family as a stay-at-home mom.

“He loved being a chemist,” Cornelius said. “One of the reasons I went to Tuskegee was because he went there.”

And the niece of Martin, Quintella Daniel, added that: “He was just a very motivational person,” after disclosing that she went to Savannah State because of her Uncle.

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But when the pandemic began to change lives, Quinella, a nurse, headed to New York to help in the most badly affected city in the U.S.

“You may have a lot of people, ten or twenty people, waiting for one to die to get on a ventilator,” she explained heart-wrenchingly. ” I thank God every day that about thirty-five tests I took there… I never had COVID.”

Martin, fifty-three, and Trina forty-nine, and their teenagers were all unvaccinated and sadly contracting the virus in June.

Cornelius said his aunt and uncle were hesitant to receive the vaccination due to a Tuskegee Syphilis Study, which charted syphilis progression in unknowing Black men from the 1930’s all the way to the 1970s, and Martin had a “stubborn attitude toward vaccines in general,” according to his nephew.

“He trusted the vaccines that had been around for a while,” Cornelius said but didn’t trust how quickly the Coronavirus vaccine had been created.

But even with their suspicion, the Daniels decided it was time to get the vaccine, scheduling to get jabbed in July… but it was too late.

Their symptoms worsened and they both passed away at home on July 6th. Trina was hospitalized and died on the same night.

“We were already taken aback by his passing, but to have to endure the passing of her… it was traumatizing,” Cornelius said.

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Miles and Marina went to the hospital for treatment and luckily survived, but they both suddenly had to grieve the unimaginable loss of their parents.

The family dropped off Miles at college this weekend while Marina is beginning her sophomore year of high school, with both teens planning to get the vaccine. They are hoping others will follow their lead of getting fully vaccinated.

“The only bullets we have right now in our gun are the vaccines,” Cornelius said. “So I would prefer a vaccine over a ventilator every day. Too many families have already experienced the pain that we’re feeling.”

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