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Salma Mumin dispels butt surgery allegations in Turkey with new video

A video shared by Actress Salma Mumin on social media has dispelled reports of that she has done liposuction on her body.

Salma Mumin as reported earlier was alleged to have undergone ‘butts’ surgery in Turkey after posts made by her sparked the suspicions. has sighted a video of Salma Mumin still in Turkey showing her backside to rubbish all allegations leveled at her that she has done an expansion on her ‘butts’.

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She was been recorded wiggling her ‘nyash’ to her followers on social media and from what we see here, she has not done anything whatsoever to her natural body.

Debunking claims that this video was recorded a long time ago before she was alleged to have gone under the knife, Salma indicated that the video was filmed only a day ago.

According to claims made by Sister Sandy of Adom TV who broke the news about Salma Mumin’s liposuction, Salma Mumin was coerced by her boyfriend following numerous complaints by him to increase her butts and Salma heeded to the demand by his boyfriend.

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Sister Sandy added that this propelled the actress to embark on the butt surgery in Turkey in order to save her relationship with the rich boyfriend.

Watch the new video below

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Salma Mumin dispels rumors of undergoing butt surgery

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