Sarkodie ‘Attacks’ Asem In His Latest Single ‘CEO Flow’ Which Features American Rapper E-40 (Video)

Sarkodie 'Attacks' Asem In His Latest Single 'CEO Flow' Which Features American Rapper E-40 (Video)
Sarkodie(L) and Asem(R)

Prolific Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie has finally replied rappers who threw shades at him in his latest single dubbed ‘CEO Flow’ which features US rapper legend E-40.

Sarkodie in the song singled out his biggest rival currently, Asem as he threw several shots at him.

Asem has been throwing shots at Sarkodie and making several allegations against him for some time now but the Tema based rapper reacted to the former Lynx Entertainment signee’s allegation in his CEO Flow song.

Sarkodie firstly responded to Asem’s claim that he fraudulently won his BET Awards.

He said in his verse: ” They want me to chill/Like they got me on ice/Ose BET me titi cos I carry all night/Se manwinni award aa/Ma paddy don’t like but to be honest/My paddy we alright,” 

Sarkodie jabbed Asem regarding his ‘irrelevance’ in the music industry stating that his(Asem) former Lynx Entertainment signee needs to sustain his career now.

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 “S3 mo rap lose form a, I be the only weight gainer/Punchlines, 65 feet container/I guess you got a diss cause you need sustainer/Man, I got this sh*t together like f**king waist trainer.” Sarkodie further fired.

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