Popular Filmmaker and Entertainment critic,Ola Michael has disclosed that Sarkodie is becoming ungrateful over his claim that Ghanaians don’t cherish him enough.

“Should we carry Sarkodie on our backs and roam so he knows we value him?If not,what exactly is he asking for?” Ola Michael quizzed.

Recall that while on a media tour in Nigeria to promote his latest album ‘No Pressure’  Sarkodie validated a claim by Lagos-based radio station Beat FM presenter identified as Osikhena Dirisu that Ghanaians do not celebrate Sarkodie enough although he has put Ghana on the map.

“A whole lot has been happening as regards to your sound and you, and a whole lot of people. I think you did not get a lot of credit as you supposed to,” Osikhena claimed. “I don’t know if it’s the way the Ghanaian music industry is structured or set up.”

“You know how maybe when you sing too much for somebody, they just be like ‘okay, yeah, yeah, we know him, he will always put out fire music,’ and it just turns to this ‘move on.’ From the BETs to the things you have done, especially putting the Ghanaian music industry on the map, I don’t think you are getting credit enough.”

“Because look at the way Nigerians actually celebrate their own when there is Davido and Wizkid. But you know I look at Ghana, and most times, you say: ‘oh Sarkodie’ and it’s just ‘yeah.’ So, why do you think that is?”

Sarkodie responded to Osikhena’s assertions, saying he agrees with his statement, but it will be dicey coming from him because his friends will ‘feel kind of way.’ He said he gets support from Ghanaians, but they do not cherish him.

“I think for the past week or something, I was on a media tour, and I had a conversation…but you are saying it,” Sarkodie said. “It’s kind of dicey when it’s coming from me because I have friends, and they don’t want to feel a certain kind of way. From what you said, I could say I do get support from Ghanaians, just that they should really hold unto moments and cherish it.”

“It’s huge for you a Ghanaian artiste to sell out the Apollo. It’s almost like we don’t hear it. I feel like we recognise how talented you are and what you are doing for – not just Ghanaian music – African music. And I think that our Ghanaian brothers and sisters don’t know what they have, and they should show you so much love.”

Sarkodie responded: “This minute, you are trying to get me speechless. Everything I want to say is what you are saying.”

Addressing the issue on UTV’s United Showbiz, Ola Michael could not fathom why Sarkodie would make such a claim considering how Ghanaians have supported him.

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According to him, Sarkodie fell for a trap instead of focusing on promoting his album.

“You in Nigeria to promote your album yet diverted from that to talk about a supposed lack of support,claiming we don’t hold on to moments;which moment are we supposed to hold on to? You want a claim that Ghanaians do not hold on to a moment to trend? What have we not said about the achievements of Sarkodie?” Ola Michael wondered.

Ola Michael further stated that Sarkodie is now becoming ungrateful.

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