Scammer Who Allegedly Used His Lover's Small 'Meat Pie' For Money Rituals Finally Speaks

The alleged scammer who reportedly used his teenage girlfriend’s ‘toto’ for money rituals which subsequently led to her death has finally spoken on the issue in a new video.

There was an earlier report by out a ‘sakawa’ boy who used his teenage girlfriend’s ‘akosua kuma’ for blood money rituals, which led to her pussy rotting and agonizing death.

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The alleged scammer, however, identified himself as Ernest Appiah, 19 who claims they were not even dating like the video a lot of people suggested, judging from how they were cuddling and ‘chopping’ love, but were actually ‘besties and friends with benefit’.

He also clarified that he was not a scammer and he did not have houses and cars like was earlier reported in the voice note in the viral video.

He blamed the girl who released the video as the reason for the misinformation and misunderstanding.

The parents of the deceased have also come out to explain that their daughter died of cancer and that the guy was not her lover.

Watch the video below:


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