See The Romantic Way A Guy Proposed To His Crush On WhatsApp But It Ended In Tears ( Screenshot)

It all ended in tears as a young guy finally had the balls to propose to his crush on WhatsApp after his friend advised him to tell the lady how he feels about her or else he will do it for himself.

Read what his friend posted online and WhatsApp conversation below:

“How does it feel when you got rejected from your crush heartbreaking of course after the hard work you went through. Oh, well yesterday my friend came to me and started talking about his crush he showed me her pictures I was even jealous, but that’s nothing is normal, so I got over it, I was advising him to propose to her else I will do it my self.

He said what!! if you do that we are no longer friends and I told him ok bye. I was there he sent me a screenshot of message of him proposing to her crush the method he used was so romantic it was in a question form as you can see in the picture, but I don’t know why the lady rejected him when I saw No I don’t love you”.

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