The world is turning into an unsafe place as a woman in Taraba State, Nigeria was caught in child trafficking, and the Taraba State Police division nabbed her

The sources disclosed that she was trusted by the parents of those children to take of the children, however she diverted these children to a different location and this was what has to say:

“The parents of the children told me to come get them for people who would help cater to their educational needs because, in their villages, there are no schools.

“This is actually the first time I am doing this, and I did not collect any money from their parents,” Mary claimed.

She added, “I am a mother of seven, a teacher at Adamu Primary School in Bali LGA. I am 45 years and was arrested at the car park in Bali when I was about leaving with the children.”

We need to be more careful with who handles our children.