Shatta Wale keeps telling people not to promote us – Joint 77 alleges


A former member of SM Militant musical group, Joint 77 has alleged that his former boss Shatta Wale is hiding behind the scenes trying to kill their career after partying ways with them.

Joint 77 was one of the 3 talents Shatta Wale signed to his music group militants, the group was however dissolved by Shatta based on backstabbing.

Shatta Wale recorded a series of live videos lambasting the musicians for trying to sell him out and also alleged that they had zero talent.

Almost a year after the contract termination, Joint 77 is still accusing Shatta Wale of being the person behind his failure in the music industry.

Joint 77 shared a screenshot of messages from Shatta Wale instructing people not to support his career.

He stated in the video how Shatta’s actions have hurt his feelings because he thought it was a new year and they have allowed sleeping dogs to lie.



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