Shocking! Photos of Fella Makafui’s mother selling Charcoal to survive pops up


Fella Makafui’s mother working hard selling her charcoal to survive has popped up on social media and users can’t stop talking.

In the photos, the mother of Fella Makafui who owns shops and claims to be rich and is going on campus tour teaching people how to be rich is working hard at her charcoal joint.

Fella Makafui

Facebook user identified as James Boat Archimedes shared the photos and claim he bought charcoal from Fella’s mother at Anfoega where Fella’s mum stays.

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James Boat Archimedes posted:

“Fella Makafui, your mummy still dey work hard. I took these pics today when I went to buy a sack of charcoal at her place at Anfoega. #HardWorkingWoman”

See Photos Below…

Fella Makafui’s mother selling at her charcoal joint
Fella Makafui’s mother selling at her charcoal joint

What people are wondering and can’t seem to understand is why Fella Makafui’s mother should be working this hard at her age.

Fella Makafui claims to have bought her mother a Kia Optima a few weeks ago. She also claimed to have opened a supermarket for her. So how come her mother is still selling charcoal by the roadside? Well, only Fella Makafui can answer this.

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