Show Your Husband More Love When You Catch Him Cheating And He Will Change – Counselor Donkor To Women
Counsellor DY Donkor

Ghanaian counsellor and pastor, D.Y Donkor has asked women to show extra love to their men when they find them cheating.

According to him, ladies should treat their men with extra love the moment the man start cheating.

It is so obvious one will be mad, angry and hurt to find out that her husband is cheating and would want to show that by displaying her anger and treat him badly as well.

However, Counsellor DY Donkor has a different perception. He is of the view that such moments are the time the wife would have to show more love to the husband, which will confuse the man because that will probably not be the reaction he will be expecting after being caught cheating.

He said if the wife should do so, it will make the husband feel very guilty and calm him which will not make him not go and do it again but if the wife reacts with a fight, it will definitely not end well.

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