Showboy And Criss Waddle Make Peace


Showboy, Ghanaian-US based artist has revealed that now he and AMG rapper Criss Waddle are family again.

Before the official signing of AMG’s Medikal, Showboy was the closest friend to Criss Waddle, but there was a misunderstanding which broke up this friendship of theirs.

Showboy and Criss Waddle have been at loggerheads for reasons best known to them for quite some time now.

Showboy attacked Criss Waddle at the slightest chance he gets and from his recent tweet, it seems they have finally smoked the peace pipe.

In a tweet according to Showboy, the two are friends again as he revealed that Criss Waddle came to apologize to him.

He wrote;

“CRISS waddle said he is sorry !!! He apologized to me !!!! Am only human can’t get mad at a brother for life .. it takes a prideful man like him to drop that Ego and say sorry and apologize for what am going tru … I accepted his apology and I told him I love him no matter what.”


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