Sister Derby Caught Fella Makafui Sleeping With Medikal-Wanlov Reveals

Rapper Wanlov the Kubolor has revealed that his sister Sister Derby once caught Fella Makafui having sexual intercourse with her then-boyfriend Medikal.

He made this revelation in an interview on Kingdom FM.

According to Wanlov the Kubolor, Fella Makafui caused the break up of Medikal and Sister Derby.

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According to him, Sister Derby once met Fella Makafui driving out of Medikal’s compound when she went to visit him.

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“When my sister was in a relationship with Medikal, Fella manoeuvred her way into their relationship and slept with Medikal. I realized this from my calculations and that was how their relationship ended.

One time in their relationship, Sister Derby went over to visit Medikal and met Fella Makafui driving out of his house”, Wanlov disclosed.

The ‘Toto’ hitmaker revealed that he was the one behind his sister’s songs she released after break up with Medikal.

He also added that he was behind Sister Derby’s infamous ‘Sweet Ex’ picture on Medikal’s birthday which caused a stir on social media.