Slay Queen who had pepper inserted in her ‘tonga’ for stealing iPhone speaks up


The lady who was accused of stealing an iPhone and had pepper inserted in her ‘tonga’ has finally narrated the humiliation she suffered in the hands of her accusers.

According to the lady identified as Favour, an ‘Ashawo’, her accusers took her to a native doctor who used voodoo to place bullets in her belly.

The act forced her to confess to committing the crime.

However, after they left the native doctor’s den, she told her accusers that she didn’t steal the iPhone.

Angered by her revelation, the accusers descended on her and str!pped her off her clothes.

As if that wasn’t enough, they inserted pepper into her ‘tonga’ and filmed the when thing, a video which went viral.

On his involvement, Joel Igbinovia, the owner of the missing iPhone Xs-Max, said the victim and her female friend were invited to a hotel at Ugbiyoko, a suburb of Benin city in Nigeria to entertain his friends.

“The girl was a prostitute. My younger cousin called her to the hotel and she came with another girl. I got up to pay my hotel bill on POS, but when I got back to my seat, my phone was no longer where I put it and the girls were gone. I asked why and I was told that the girls said the money we offered was too small.

“We searched everywhere but we couldn’t find the phone. We then went to another hotel where the girls had gone to and we met them there. I then pleaded with the girl (Ada) to return the phone to me because she would not be able to use it, being an iPhone, but she denied. It was then decided that we invite a voodoo man the following day to resolve the issue,” he said.

Watch the Video below:




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