Sleeping with one woman all the time is a “NO” for me – Nana Tornado


Emil Wood popular known in the showbiz world as Nana Tornado from the popular Afia Schwarzenegger series has stated that he cannot continue to have s3x with one woman all the time.

When asked why he cannot stay with one woman, Tornado responded saying he is not impotent.

“Why am I an impotent person or a mad man,” he stated on ETV Ghana’s ‘In Bed with Adwen’.

According to him, there is no man on this earth who will say he has been having s3x with just one woman.

“There is no man on this planet who will tell you he has been having s3x with just one woman. Those pastors who tell us that my wife ….. do you know how they fuck the ladies in the church,” he alleged.

He quickly shouted Herh Yes” after the host ‘Adwen’ asked that do pastors actually sleep with their church members.

“As a rational human being, you need to fvck very well. It is necessary. When the ladies walk in front to give an offering in church, the pastors watch them and make their choice,” he added.

Watch the video below…


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