Smoking doesn’t make me a bad person – Beverly Osu


Being an African and living on the continent there is a top list of societal dos and once you go contrarily you are tagged as a bad person. It’s a general perception that anyone who smoke is a bad influence and not a good role model but Nigerian actress and model, Beverly Osu, disagrees because she says she smokes but she’s not a bad person.

According to Beverly, she has been smoking anything smokable for quite a while now but nobody can describe her as a bad, as such, the strong conviction she holds that smoking does not make one a bad person.

The Big Brother Africa TV reality show star, interacting with Nana Romeo stated that, she will not hesitate anytime going for anything that can be smoked into the human system, quizzing “who doesn’t know I smoke? ”

In 2018, Beverly sparked controversy after she shared photos of her dressed in the Catholic Sister’s outfit while smoking.

Many pointed out that if she were a Muslim, she wouldn’t dare try such thereby debasing the essence of the religion.

While some saw the ugly side of the photo, some defended her that there was nothing wrong in her dressing and smoking in the outfit as she was passing a strong message.

Source : BrownGh.Com


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