Veteran Nigerian actress Uche Ebere has divulged how social media impacts the lives of young people.

Social media in the 21st century is being used by young people for their day to day activities.


Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and other social media users are being used by young people.

Some people used social media for their day to day businesses and to some it is where they get access to news, updates and other interesting thingsTo some social media is a blessing and to others it is a curse.

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Well, how you use social media depends solely on your interest and trends.


I share the same sentiment of Uche Ebere who thinks social media affect the lives of young people.

According to Uche Ebere,social media is making most people compare their lives instead of appreciating everything they are.


She added that the aforesaid is the reason most people are depressed.

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Uche Ebere advised that one needs to be confident of him/herself adding that comparison is the thief of all joy.

“Social media is making most people to comapre their lives,instead of appreciating everything they are.That’s why most people are always depressed.”


“Especially the young ones,most of them don’t know how to deal with things happening here on the media! So they turn out to be followers instead of being able to stand up for themselves in their differences!

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My dears be confident in yourself,so that you may be able to say,”I can be like everyonr else,I am good and happy with Who I am,what I look like,what I have” and so on. Have the spirit of contentment. COMPARISON IS THE THIEF OF ALL JOY!” Uche Ebere wrote on mcro-blogging website,Instagram.


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